Rural Estate

The rural estate investment was our family’s gate to the agricultural business and production. In the first years, to our grandparents the land meant both a safe investment of their savings and potential for development. Many years later, its meaning is broader; at present, the land represents not only our roots but business soundness and a bond with nature.

By combining rural estate with agricultural businesses we can improve the outcomes of both. América Pampa Inmobiliaria is ready to give this opportunity to future investor partners who trust our project. As rural estate investors, our goal is to get:

  • Appropriate rent for the invested capital.
  • Increase in value of our assets.
  • Guarantee of sustainable land management.

With a view to the future, our business vision may be summarized as follows:

  • We strive for synergizing our business, applying our knowledge of agriculture to create value in rural estate.
  • We are determined to open our rural estate business to investor partners in order to augment our capacity to grow.
  • We want to increase the land area for development.