El Almacén Inglés

Our history is that of the immigrant families. It began somewhere in the region of León, Spain, a place known as Los barrios de la Luna. Hidden among green valleys and considered birthplace of shepherds and peasants, the villages called Sena and Abelgas are the origin of América Pampa. It was among those mountains that the dream we are part of at present started.

At the end of the 19th Century, the Fernández brothers left their hometown and arrived in our country; they established El Almacén Inglés, a general store with branches in the cities of Alberti, Chivilcoy, América and General Pico. Some years later and also coming from Spain, Evaristo Álvarez arrived in this country too. He was Germán’s grandfather’s uncle, the first general manager and later the owner of El Almacén Inglés located in América.

Those same mountains are the place from which our grandfather left when he was eleven, dreaming about building his future in América. When he arrived, he started working as an apprentice sales assistant at his uncle Evaristo’s shop. Later, all his brothers followed his steps.

El Almacén Inglés was, by that time, the meeting point for the hopes of progress and life plans of those two families to such an extent that, some years later, our grandfather Germán Álvarez started his own family getting married with Teresa, the daughter of Nemesio Fernández, who was one of the shop founders.

That shop was the meeting point for the neighbors in the newborn América city, too. At El Inglés, people could buy food and clothes, ironmongery supplies, and farm machinery; they could also sell the products from their lands and buy seeds, agrochemicals and fuel. El Inglés also served as a bank, receiving deposits from its customers, which shows how much they trusted us all along the story of América Pampa.


First steps of the family in our town.

“To pursue the American Dream was a collective undertaking. When El Almacén Inglés was at its height, the family was fully devoted to the project.”


“The Álvarez from América” – Livestock farmers

Profits were invested in the farm. The alfalfa fields in América and the Álvarez’s “good hands” contributed to the high quality and good reputation of their cattle.


Third Generation: Years of investments.

In the 1970s, Antonio Álvarez led the agricultural transformation. Those were years of investments in machinery and grain storage. At that time, sorghum tinged the fields with red in the fall.


Fourth generation: Looking at the future.

Since 1955, the challenge was to make our company more professional and prepare it for taking advantage of future opportunities. Working on the human capital was crucial during that process, and winning the second prize of the Dow award to the best HR management became a milestone in our progress.


América Pampa was born.

A new name for a more than a century old project; a new way of doing things as enthusiastically as ever. We have a whole history ahead of us, and a new challenge every day.
At the very beginning, our brand name represented the Álvarez family and their expanding business. With the passing of time, we realized that the importance of our project transcended our family name. América Pampa talks about a story and a place, and a company that is much more than business. América Pampa is the outcome of a collective project growth: We are the fruit of a dream that germinated in América.