How we add value?

  • We attract resources and talents

The productive process is the outcome of the combination of highly valuable resources and talents: skilled people willing to give the best of themselves, fertile soil, financial resources, technology and high quality services. Our role is to create an environment of trust, openness and respect that helps those factors come together in América Pampa.

  • We combine resources and talents, and add knowledge

Knowledge applied to the production planning let us not only maximize results but also minimize risks and environmental impact. Factors such as geographical dispersion, crop rotation, production environment management, nutritional adjustment, no-till planting and other farming practices and methods contribute to doing so.

  • We design our processes to achieve synergy and efficiency

In order to create value, just having resources, talents and knowledge is not enough. It is necessary to put all of them into practice and make them reflect in results. The aim of our systems and processes is to achieve synergy and efficiency. For the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts, our work environment helps us organize, communicate and learn.

  • We have a broad view to achieve sustainability

We are aware that managing a company is much more than doing business. With a broad view of the future, sustainability and its core themes, ecology, economy and society, become important. We endeavor to apply that view to our business by systematic planning, strategic alliances, and openness that help us to adapt to new projects.