How we add value?

We are part of the production chain:

We endeavor to preserve the quality of our products even before planting the soybeans. We choose the best seeds, specially developed to adapt to the specifications of our protein solutions. We cultivate them within a framework of sustainability, by taking care of the soil and the environment. Finally, we store the soybeans separately to keep their essential features up to the moment of processing.

We use natural soybeans processing methods:

Although we use high technology machinery, our methods to process the soybeans are the same as those used by our mothers and grandmothers at their kitchens: pressure, steam and heat. The production process does not involve the use of chemical additives such as solvents, or generate effluents damaging the environment. Our oils and proteins are 100% natural and they maintain the soybeans constituents and properties intact.

We add knowledge to our products:

Our work does not finish when the products are delivered. Our commitment is to support our customers, help them to capture value using our products, and listen to them in order to adapt our processes and solutions to their needs. As our grandmothers used to do at their kitchens, the technical team of América Pampa Agroindustrial S.A. applies good hands to make the soy add value to our customers’ business.